Complete Modular Solution

Complete Modular Solution

Planning: Our expert and fully dedicated teams from the outset of a project.. ensures that the maximum value Is achieved. The construction process Is Integrated Into building design, which optimize the maximum potential atevery stages of operation.

Designing: Building Modules are enhanced to maximize the output on site. Architectural features are incorporated in such a way that the installation is easy at site. The designing includes the architectural, structural, electrtcal & mechanical drawings.

Manufacturing & Assembling (Offsite): Module frames are assembled In such a way that there will be effortless installation on site and it is equipped with floor, wall, roof and all accessories such as windows, doors, electrical and sanitary wares are fixed before delivery to job site.

Quality Corltral: Al Moawi believes In quality. We have established a rigorous Quality control & Assurance process. Our world class production techniques and equipment are chosen In such a way that it delivers beyond client's expectation, with almost zero hazards and error.

Transportation and Delivery: Our structuresare designed In such a way that the modules are convenient to handle at site and the transportation Is hassle free. A recent benchmark revealed that thefe Is almost 83% reduction In transportation cost for Modular projects compared to traditional one.

Installation & Commissioning: Around 80% to 90% of modular buildings are completed in the factory and Internal joints between modules to be done en stte.