Sustainable Modular & Knock down Buildings

Sustainable Modular & Knock down Buildings

Reduce the carbon footprint of your next building project With the increasing demand for Renewable and sustainable energy, the technologies associated with It keeps on Improving. In this regard, our team Is always committed to deliver the best solution, with out compromising clients expectation.

Modular building: Factory Assembled Modules/sections that is arranged according to the sequence.

Knock-down building: The Components shipped from the factory and assembled at site.

Eco Friendly: Recyclable materials.
- Fire rated materials.
- Minimum Disturbance: Minimal noise and dust on site.
- Speed of Construction: By using our expertise and world class technology, the time line from concept to erection is reduced by 40-60%.
- Quality Control: Factory-based manufacturing & assembly, delivers consistently high quality standards through close monitoring throughout the process, with almost negligible error.
- Intensive and regular training Is Imparted to our team, to deliver the best with almost zero hazards during entire operation.